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It's Ok to be Not Ok

Wow it's been over 6 months in this crazy COVID-19 world that we now live in. It's "normal" to see people in masks, and I actually get worried when I see people NOT wearing a mask. At the beginning of the year if I saw someone walking into a store with their face half covered with a bandanna I would have been worried they were going to rob the store! Today I'm wondering if they chose the best facial covering....ahh how times have changed.

I feel like there are 2 words that seem to make up this time we're in right now:



I don't really like these words anymore. The uncertainty is getting to me, and I've been juggling with it for so long. I try to focus on the present moment, the hear and now which I am rooted in and have "some" control over but that only gets me so far.

I'm juggling a lot - as a working mom, who's got a full time job - with conference calls beginning between 6am and 7am most days, juggling my first grader at home doing virtual school, and a 4 year old who is back in daycare but upset that HE too can't stay home with Mommy and not knowing when ANY of this will end......yeah it's getting to me. It's real. It's real hard.

And I'm not OK. I don't want to be in this situation, but this is one situation where it's difficult to figure out how to change it. I'm coping by doing the best that I can. Saying No to anything that is extra or not required. Finding a way to prioritize myself (which right now is mostly through getting time for my training). Spending time with my family. Hugging my kids every day. Meditating. Trying to appreciate the little things that being at home brings me. Praying. Asking for help.

How are you doing? What are you doing to manage in this time? How has your life changed - for better and not better ;)

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