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Earth Day, Everyday

In honor of Earth Day this year I wanted to share some things that I've incorporated into my daily life - that are earth friendly - and challenge you to see where you can make one or two earth friendly changes.

Easy - everyday - changes

  1. Reusable water bottle - for when you're on the go (on in the house) get a water bottle you love and reuse it instead of bottled waters. I'm a fan of hydroflasks - they have various sizes, everyone in my family has one!

  2. Reusable coffee/tea cup - just like the water bottle, you can fill your coffee and tea if you're out (this is happening a bit more now I think!) it's also great at home - I have a hydroflask thermal cup for this too, but have also seen a lot of people behind Yeti.

  3. Buy in bulk - not only will this save you money, but it also reduces waste. Buy snacks or food in bulk and separate out into your own earth friendly, reusable containers.

  4. Recycle - learn what is accepted in your community and by your trash service and then do it. Take the time to clean out / rinse plastic containers so that they can be recycled and don't contaminate the rest of the materials. Also don't recycle receipts - they contain BPA in the paper and will contaminate the paper, throw them in the trash or opt for paperless where you can.

  5. Shop B-Corps - these are companies that have been certified to have a "triple bottom line" focusing on profit, people, and the PLANET so you know that these companies have more than making money in mind. A few of my favorite are: Patagonia, Beautycounter, Thrive Market, and Athleta.

Not TOO hard changes

  1. Powdered laundry detergent - we pay a lot for the water that's added to make laundry liquid, especially with the cost to the environment with shipping. Switching to powdered reduces the weight and often the packaging. My favorite is Molly's Suds in peppermint :)

  2. Ditch the disposable stuff - this requires an investment and change of habit, but then is easy to keep going. Invest in reusable bags (my favorite is Stasher Bags and they have an Earth Day sale), reusable straws (silicone or stainless work best), reusable silverware (bamboo or just take a set from your current drawer), food huggers for fruit and veggies (to use instead of saran wrap),