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Navigating my new normal

So life has changed a lot in the past few weeks - we went from watching China go on lock-down to being told to stay at home ourselves. Social distancing is a term that we have all had to learn, workplaces are closed, trips & events have been cancelled, schools (in PA at least) and daycare are closed, jobs have been lost, stores are closed, toilet paper has been hoarded, everyone is wearing face masks, and people we know are getting sick and some are dying - and you can't go be with them.

The disruption to normal life has been unprecedented, and that's a word that I have found myself using frequently lately. Rather than highlight all the things that have changed, I wanted to share some of the positive things that I am focusing on during this stay at home time. Where I am we're working on sheltering in place, and have been officially since March 16th so today is Day 38 at home for all of us.

My goal here, is not to document and focus on the fear, the loss, or the anxiety --> all very valid feelings and ones I still have daily --> but instead to remember, highlight, and appreciate some of the good, the silver lining, from this unique point in time and history.

1. More time with my family

2. Getting outside, every day, even in the rain (and snow flurries!)

3. Watching the leaves bud on the trees and spring arrive

4. Noticing the daily changes in my garden and yard

5. Time to play outside, everyday

6. Family lunch time

7. Exploring my area via bicycle (went on my first 50 mile ride)

8. Connecting and reconnecting with my friends

9. Family video meetings

10. Using what I have in the fridge/freezer and cabinets

11. Supporting more local business

12. Appreciating all the little things

13. Cooking more and cooking together (with Max)

14. Supporting one another

15. Driving less

16. Not having to commute

17. Reading more with and to my kids

18. Riding bikes (real bike with pedals for Miles)

19. Family prayer time

20. Learning more about people

21. Finding what really matters

22. Seeing so many people enjoying the outside

23. Building our Pappas family trail together as a family (although mostly by Tim)

24. Family "movie" night

25. Time to get our vegetable garden ready to go and working on it with the boys

What have you been focusing on, what are you grateful for during this time? How's your new normal teaching you more about yourself and what IS important to you? What are you going to remember most about this time at home - is it going to be the hardships, the loss, or the unexpected gains?

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