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Egg Muffins for Breakfast

I am not normally a breakfast eater, so one of the hardest parts of this last training block that I've been experimenting with is that I need to eat breakfast. And that it needs to include my healthy carbs (aka vegetables) since I can't eat them later in the day on the two a day training days - of which there are 4 in a row.

I have been struggling with breakfast on those days, one day I made myself eggs with veggies and it just took too long - to make and attempt to clean up. So last week I started doing an egg in a cup - microwaving some kale, cheese, and an egg in a mug for 45 sec and then eating that (sometimes on gluten-free toast) and that worked great. But I'd love to avoid the microwave, when I can - it has it's purposes and I didn't' make it more than a week without one in my household (my kids like chicken microwaved for 11 seconds...,no more no less) So I digress. But this week I decided to prepare in advance and make egg muffins so that I can have breakfast ready in that same 11 seconds my kids demand.

I used 12 eggs, so each egg muffin has the equivalent of an egg (but it wasn't precise, I scrambled all the eggs and then added them to the muffin cups as much as would fit.


12 eggs


Shredded cheese

Salt / pepper to taste

Set up muffin tins with kale and then cheese (if using) on the bottom of each one. I scrambled 12 eggs and then poured them into the muffin cups until each were full. I used a silicone muffin pan, and you have to put it on a cookie tray in order to keep it all together!

Baked on 350 degrees for about 15-20 mins ( I had the kids so I'm not sure how long it was actually) but you want to make sure the eggs are set, and just barely set because you will most likely microwave the eggs an additional 30 seconds to actually eat it and nothing is worse that dry, overcooked eggs.

So that's my breakfast plan for this week - egg muffins, 1-2 a day. If I eat 1 I'll def be supplementing with some additional food :) but these are a great, easy food to make for breakfast, snacks, or even lunch. What's your go-to combo for eggs? Gonna give these a try?

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