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My Non-toxic Avocado Green Mattress Review

A few weeks ago I shared the output of my green mattress search, as I am going through the process of detoxifying my home as the next step in taking care of me and my family. Big ticket items like a mattress are something that I have known I wanted to do, but have had to wait to have the means to do so. Switching my personal care products to Beautycounter, Jason Sea Fresh toothpaste, Dr. Bronner's hand and castille soaps, Puracy dish soap, Mollys Suds for laundry and finding a fabric shower curtain liner (I got mine from TJ Maxx) are easier, less expensive swaps to make.

I did my research on mattresses before deciding which one I was going to try - you can read that post here - and ordered an Avocado mattress. I decided to try it out for me first, then when my kids are fully potty trained we'll upgrade their mattresses. For now they both are on hand-me-down mattresses so they have had YEARS to off-gas chemicals and hopefully don't have too many left. After placing my order I was excited to get my mattress!! Like with all good things, I had to wait while they made it to order each mattress is handmade and made to order so it was a few weeks before I actually received it.

In the meantime I decided to upgrade/detox the rest of my bed. I purchased a new organic cotton mattress protector and organic cotton sheets from Target during Prime Day, they had an extended sale to compete - but the sheets and cover were surprisingly affordable and you can always wait for a home sale! I figured it I was making my bed over I wanted to go as non-toxic as I could. I enlisted the help of my mom to make a comforter cover from the organic cotton sheets, and to have a new clean, simple look for our bedroom.


Next I did some research on whether I would keep my boxspring or not. We like the height of our bed, and it's just high enough to wake up and look out the windows at our forest yard. So I decided to keep the boxspring for the meantime - there is information about your boxspring being toxic, but this is something I'm not ready to change out yet. We did put down a layer of plywood (as recommended by the Avocado mattress site) which Miles found to be very funny that there was wood under my bed.


The mattress arrived and was "very heavy" according to the delivery man. It did take two of us to carry it upstairs and then a few days for me to actually get to opening it up. It amazes me how they pack it all rolled up! It took quite awhile to unwrap and then as I broke the seal on the packaging wooshed full of air and started to expand like those kids bath sponges that grow in water. We let it sit out all day to fully expand before switching our previous Queen sized memory-foam mattress for the Avocado one, along with all of the clean, new stuff.


The initial verdict's really comfortable. It's not too soft, not too firm, and I feel like it's keeping me a bit cooler than our previous mattress did. So far we're really happy with the comfort level and support and I'm really happy with the purchase. I feel like I'm sleeping better - but that could be a placebo effect so I can't 100% say that the mattress is making me sleep better for sure. And my super skeptical husband who often complains about the cleaner, greener swaps I make in the household also love the mattress #winning

Now, will I get one for my kids. Yes. It's not a matter of IF but rather WHEN. It is an investment in their health as well as their sleep - two very important things in to me personally to help you have a high quality of life and be the best you can be. We have chosen to skip the toddler bed and went from crib to double bed, which should last them through High School unless they are going to be 6'3" which I'm thinking is not in either of my boys futures, but you never know!

If you're interested in purchasing an Avocado mattress, and my information helped you decide, please use this link and you'll get $150 off and I'll get a shout back for the referral. Happy sleeping everyone!

Note: We had some creaking on the mattress after sleeping on it for about 3 weeks. I contacted customer service and they helped me trouble shoot but adjusting the mattress 180 degrees and checking the support slats to see if anything had moved. That seems to have fixed the problem; however, they were quick to say that the mattress shouldn't be doing that and if I was unhappy they would gladly help facilitate the return - which I'm not planning to return the mattress it's reassuring to know that they stand behind their garuntee and promise of satisfaction on their site!

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