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Happy and Healthy Gifts for this Holiday

Somehow it's already the week of Thanksgiving, when all the retail and shopping maddness offically starts - although at Costco it's been Christmas since mid-October and now that I'm ready to think about the holiday season I'm sure they are sold out of the "good stuff" but I digress...

The holiday season can be fun, but also stressful. Gifts are one of those things that I find stressful, not sure about you guys, but for me I was to give something that each person is going to love, I don't want to spend a ton of money (and am usually on a budget) but don't want the person to feel like I have them something cheap, I also have a hard time giving gifts that are outside of my value-set - whether this is right or wrong, you're probably not going to get box of donuts from me or a gift certificate to a place that serves only fried food. At the same time, I want to share and help my loved ones be healthier and happier in ways that are congruent with their likes, styles, and lifestyles. So here's a few suggestions for gifts this year that will appeal to the health and non-health conscious folks, I may be sharing these with my loved ones too!

The Not Health Conscious People (e.g., you regular peeps)

Non-toxic water bottle, vacuum sealed - benefits it keeps things hot or cold for hours! I'm partial to Hydroflask they have a regular-mouth 21oz and wide-mouth option 32oz, as well as different options on caps. I know people also are loving S'well bottles regular mouth 17oz another quality option to keep your water cold

*You might also want to get a bottle cleaning brush for them too, to keep that bottle clean!

Non-toxic vacuum sealed coffee cup - Hydroflask is also my go-to here, they have a large 22oz pint glass style one with a lid (double duty, it will keep your beer cold or your coffee hot!) or a 20oz one with a virtually spill-proof lid, and believe me, I'm a good tester!

Beautycounter Lip Gloss Set - perfect for those that love beauty items, and you'll be sneaky them something safe too. These have a hint of peppermint (my favorite) are beautiful, not goopy, and really flattering. You can give as a set or break up for stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, etc. Two color combos: Nudes or Pinks comes out to about $15 a gloss which is half the regular price!

Organic coffee - Kicking horse variety pack - a great thing to pair with a new mug (hint, hint) I recommend whole bean coffee, it's fresher and you know what you're getting, just coffee beans! Also who wouldn't want to drink a cup of Kick Ass coffee :) Pair with an inexpensive grinder if you think they don't have one.

Lunch bag - Want to encourage someone to take their lunch, or spruce up someone's lunch gear? Try a neoprene bag from Built - which collapses mostly flat once you've eaten everything in your lunch....unless you have glass containers like I do!

Anjou Diffuser + Essential Oils - hey essential oils are trending :) but really sometimes you would use something but it's too much effort to figure it out, so here you can give it as a gift and then be a resource for when they want more! I am loving the Anjou diffuser I got, it's really pretty. I also have a doTerra Petal Diffuser (plus a lot of doTerra oils) but the Anjou one is more elegant looking and more affordable. For oils I use doTerra, some through Thrive Market and there is definitely a rabbit hole you can go down here! Here's a starter kit from Amazon.

Better baking - Here you can sneak some healthier baking materials in to folks that love to bake. Score some Silicone muffin pans and safer Baking Trays ( by Maker)

The Health Nuts (e.g., the crazies like me)

Microfiber cleaning cloths - I just got the ecloth starter set and am really loving it. I keep the bathroom on in my bathroom and it's never been cleaner. I'm still working on the one for my fridge, but that's another blog post....

Kombucha starter kit - Everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha (fermented tea with magical benefits) I've been told that it's best to get a SCOBY from a friend or a local place that brews kombucha - I got mine from the founder of Phickle, grab her book here for lots of recipes (and to help support a Philly area local!)

Glass food storage containers - I can never have too many of these, I also have been collecting stainless steel ones which are great for cold things, but not good if you're going to heat it up in the microwave. However, your crazy health-nut friends may not use a microwave, so then no issues there!

Re-usable sandwich bags - the Lunchskins bags are an investment, but they last and the seal doesn't break and your're saving the environment along with being, win. They come in lots of patterns too! Bikes, Boats, and Bears too.

Beautycounter Flawless in Five - make over your everyday makeup with this set, it's a great value, I'm happy to help you with color selection if you need help. And for those (like me) who were skeptical of the brow pencil, it really sharpens your look!

Dr. Bronners chapstick - this is my current favorite chapstick, I like peppermint and the naked ones the best! I also don't mind if my kiddo steals this one to use because I love all the ingredients.

Green Pan - A safer non-stick cooking option, essential for anyone that makes eggs - have you tried in a stainless or cast iron pan = MESSY! This is a great alternative, for not just eggs :)

Thrive Market Membership Help make shopping for healthy stuff easier, I love Thrive Market it has been a life-saver and saves me money too! Some of my favorites from here are spices, gluten free crackers, diapers, Dr. Bronners stuff, cleaning supplies, Justin's nut butters, dishwasher soap, and more!

In addition to all this STUFF some of my favorite gifts are those that are more experience-based, so tickets to an event, membership to the local zoo or outside space like (outside of Philly) Longwood Gardens, Chanteclear, Morris Arboretum or Winterthur. Museum memberships are also great, IF it's something that the whole family enjoys doing. I'll work on a kids specific gift post next....and welcome your ideas!

What are your favorite gifts to give and to receive?

Note: this blog post may contain affiliate links

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