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November Challenge - A Month of Giving Thanks

Part of being, and living, healthy - beyond food, workouts, cleaning supplies, and personal care, is nurturing your spirit. With Thanksgiving at the end of November, I decided to challenge myself to be more mindful and present with the many things I'm thankful for. It's easy to get stuck focusing on things that are negative, what didn't go your way, what you're currently struggling with, what you wish would happen, traffic, etc. It's human to focus on the negative and give more weight to it. So, let's re-frame, and focus instead on the positive - at least once a day.

I thought through starting a gratitude journal, and even got a little tiny notebook to use to jot down the things I am grateful for. The problem is, I've tried this before, and after a couple of days I forget. I've added it as an event on my calendar to do at night, and then it pops up and becomes "one more thing to do" before I can go to bed. So rather than try to do the same thing again, let's try something different. I'm committing to you to share one thing I'm grateful for every day for the month of November (forgive me for starting on Nov 2nd, I'll have to double up one day!) Join me on Instagram, a platform I'm still getting used to, sharing a daily photo or story about something I'm thankful for with #givethanksNovember

Want to join me, take the challenge too and share one thing a day you're grateful for - with your family, friends, Facebook, Instagram - who or whatever will help you stay accountable. And tag me so I can see what you're up to too!

@lpappas01 on Instagram

@laurapappashealth on Facebook

@laura_pappas on Twitter

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