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Winning - Healthy Groceries Delivered to My Door

One thing that I am looking for in my life are ways to make things easier. I used to scoff at the folks that went through the drive through at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts...then I had children. I realized how big of a POA it is to get them in and out of the car. And if they are sleeping you're basically held hostage in your own vehicle. Healthy and convenient tend to be an oxymoron so when I found Thrive Market a couple of years ago I was super excited to try it out. Think Whole Foods + Costco but in reasonable quantities....oh and delivered directly to your door.

First thing, like Costco & Amazon Prime there is a membership fee. Unlike those resources when you purchase a membership with Thrive they donate a membership to a family in need. You get free shipping on all orders over $49 and if you bucket your orders and place one every 4-6 weeks like I do, hitting that $49 level isn't a problem. I've found that on most items Thrive has the best price around - better than sale at the store, definitely better than Whole Foods (even after their acquisition by Amazon) and better than Amazon Prime. The only think missing from Thrive to me is that you cannot get "fresh" food, but with the way they are evolving I'm betting that's in their business plan in the future.

Ok so what the heck do I order every 4-6 weeks, here's an overview of the things that I buy that are my staples. If you're considering joining Thrive please use my link to get 20% off your first order and I'll get a kick back from Thrive too (thank you!).

What I Love:

  • You can shop by searching for an item by category (Moms & Kids, Home, Food, etc.); by value like gluten-free, paleo, staples; or just enter exactly what you're looking for in the search box.

  • They offer either a discount on a line of products or a free product to sample on a regular basis. I always make sure to take advantage of this and use it to try new products. A few things that I've gotten are a jar of Thrive coconut oil, a bottle of Thrive Olive Oil, collagen protein, and a fermented turmeric powder supplement.

  • Thrive Spices - they have a great selection of spices and if you already have glass jars, save the money and packaging and get the spice refills.

  • Baby and Kid Stuff - this is my go-to place for diaper cream, I like the Weleda calendula cream and their minty toothpaste as well. I also get Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers, like the Think Baby and Green Sprouts dish and cup options. This is where I got my 3-year-old's reusable swim diaper too!

  • Gluten Free & Better Snacks - Kids like snacks, I'm the mom who would prefer that they eat better versions of some of the common snacks out there.

  • Dr Bronners - as a castille soap user sometimes you can can find it in on sale but not always so Thrive has a great price that I can get when I need it. I use the regular castille soap, hand soap, chapstick, and lotion - favorite scents are peppermint and lavender.

  • Cleaning - Laundry I love Molly's Suds, the Thrive Brand Toilet cleaner, Seventh Generation Dishwasher Powder, Truce wood cleaner, Bon Ami Cleaning Powder, and they now have a fun assortment of reusable lunch bags (I got mine elsewhere and have a pretty good stash now)

  • Thrive Brand - they are also working to create healthy options at a lower price point under the Thrive Brand, leaning on sourcing ingredients that meet their values. So far I've been happy with the quality of the Thrive Brand products I've tried and am looking forward to what else they try.

So now that you know my favorites, what are yours? What do you wish they would carry that you don't see there? Are you going to give them a try, I hope you do!

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