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Revolutionizing Clean Beauty

Your body can absorb up to 60% of anything you put on it, meaning that thing things you use on your body like lotion, face cream, make-up are all being absorbed by YOUR body.  That means that what you put ON your body is almost as important as what you put IN your body.

I have been hunting for safe beauty products since 2013, and have had a lot of trouble finding a company that has a quality product that is accessible.   I started this journey a few years after I had cleaned up my food and diet, when we decided that we were going to start a family and I began doing more reading and research on all of the things to avoid while you’re expecting.  Which begs the question, why would you use something that is potentially toxic to you even if you’re not planning to start a family or growing a baby!

The beauty industry is regulated by the FDA; however, the latest regulation was passed in 1938….that was a LONG time ago and things have definitely changed since then.  How else can you explain products with lead in them still being sold, in beauty products like lipstick, which you know is getting into your body!  I love the Beautycounter is committed to safety, you can learn more about everything that goes into ensuring the quality of Beautycounter products as well as have full transparency on what is in them, and what is not!

I found out about Beautycounter in the beginning of 2016 and have now had the opportunity to try their products and learn more about the company.  Their primary goal is education and safety, along with providing high quality products that are fully transparent.  I encourage you to to check out their products, at Beautycounter.  In addition to being completely transparent about all of their ingredients, they also have all of their products tested by a third party, the EWG, and all products are highly rated.


Want to check them out, here are a few of my favorite things!

  • Charcoal Soap – this is a favorite that often sells out, it is amazing how this bar really pulls the impurities out of your skin!  I use this to wash my face and am a fan of the combination of the charcoal to pull the impurities and the coconut oil base to clean and moisturize the skin.

  • Countertime line - this skincare line is amaing, if you're over 30 you should definately give it a try. I use each step, from the facila oil cleanser to the supreme cream and have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin!

  • Counter + Overnight Resurfacing Peel - Goodnight, dullness. Good morning, glow. This is a product you put on a night and wash off in the morning (no actual peeling required) leaving a brighter, younger complexion. I've noticed it speeds clearning up any breakouts that I have too.

  • All Bring Vitamin C Serum - I alternate the Countertime serum and this one, which I use during the day only. You'll love how this brightens your skin and feels great too!


Want to learn more about joining on as a consultant, adding your name to the movement to get clean, safe products into the hands of everyone AND share these incredible high performing personal care (skincare, makeup and more!) with your family, friends, and the world!

There are 3 Ways to Support Beautycounter


1. Shop as a customer

The simplest method, simply purchase through Beautycounter, becoming a conscious consumer, bettering yoru health and KNOWING exactly what you put on your body, switching from your current beauty products and cosmetics to safe, non-toxic versions from Beautycounter, verified by the EWG and containing nothing on the Never List.



2. Become a “Band of Beauty Member”

If you think you’ll order from Beautycounter more than once, this $29 investment will pay itself back covering shipping and earning  you credit for the dollars you’re already planning to spend.

You will earn: 

  • 15% back in product credit on everything you order

  • Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more

  • Free gift when you sign up

  • Special Members only offers and surprises throughout the year

  • $10 of your membership is donated to 1 of 3 charities that Beautycounter supports: Healthy Child, Healthy World; The Environmental Working Group (EWG); or the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - you get to choose


Sign up here, and make sure that “Laura Pappas” is listed as your mentor, so I can offer you great support and fun incentives!


3. Become a consultant and be part of our mission!

Join as a consultant and save 25% off your own orders and take advantage of the opportunity to earn some additional income by educating others about the skin care industry and how to make safer choices.

As a consultant you have the flexibility to do what you want with Beautycounter, spending an hour or two per week to making it into a full time gig.  It is very flexible and can be whatever you want it to be.  Let me know if I can share more information with you.


As many of you know, I am very passionate about removing toxins from our home and food, as well as coaching others to do the same I am thrilled to have discovered a brand that I love, trust and can really get behind – what are you waiting for, if you have any questions reach out today!

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