What are people saying about Laura Pappas Health Coaching

My experience with Laura was really eye opening. She helped me to see areas where I could improve and at the same time that the changes were really easy. She is so easy to talk and makes the sessions very comfortable.


Working with Laura has been great. She is responsive, attentive, and patient.  She goes above and beyond her archives to find articles, recipes, or research on topics that you want or need. You will not be overwhelmed as she breaks down changes you can make to improve your mental, physical and emotional health in baby steps.  I know what I should eat, how I should structure my physical activity but it was hard to ignore the old voices in my head " workout more," "how many points is that?"  "that has how many calories and how much fat?" Laura has been able to help me silence those and when I cant she's there to listen and break it down for me.


...We began in the produce section, and with great detail, she explained the benefits of all different fruits and vegetables, which ones we should try to buy organic, and how much of them we should be eating throughout the day. Throughout the rest of the store, we talked about eggs, meat, fish, and concluded with an extensive discussion on supplements, where she pointed out exactly which brands are best and why they differ from each other...

Joe M.

My grocery shop with Laura Pappas was insightful and informative. I learned a plethora of information which I could easily apply to my weekly trip to the food store and which I could use to change bad habits into good ones. I now know when to go Organic and when not to bother, how to read a nutrition label, how to choose a ripe fruit or vegetable, and how to shop healthy while staying within budget! Thanks Laura!


Don't be worried if you are an ice cream eater, whole grains, and chocolate loving person - Laura will work with you to find the foods that fuel your body best and a plan to still engage in those treats!


When I started working with Laura, I had been doing Crossfit for one year and had a mediocre diet that would always get worse when I was preoccupied with work and other obligations. My performance had significantly increased from when I started Crossfit, but it had reached a plateau where I could not improve the numbers of my lifts, in spite of reserving two days a week exclusively for strength training. I came to Laura hoping she could help me gain some muscle mass, improve my strength, and set me in the right direction to be a formidable competitor in the 2012 Crossfit Open.

Laura's extraordinarily vast knowledge, her constant communication in the form of emails and phone calls, and her deep commitment to wanting me to succeed had immediate, measurable results in my performance. The very first thing we did was review my diet and create a plan to add more meat, vegetables, and supplements, while cutting out the sugar and gluten. I immediately began sleeping better, feeling more alert and less tired during the day, and finding myself more mentally focused and physically comfortable during workouts.

One of the best parts about working with Laura was the way she worked so hard to get to know my own abilities and goals, and then tailor a program specifically designed for me. Knowing that one of my highest priorities was safely gaining muscle mass and strength, she taught me how to use a branched chain amino acid supplement. Combined with my shift to a paleo diet, this step enabled me to bench press my body weight, a goal I've been inching closer to for three years but was never able to get within 20 pounds of it. My split jerk and clean and jerk, each which had been stuck at 165# for months, both shot up to 195# after my first month with Laura. I nervously tried doing a sumo deadlift, which I had not done for months, and surprised myself by lifting 445#, while I had never been able to lift more than 415# when I was practicing the exercise regularly. My body weight which seemed to be steady around 173# for almost a year finally went over 180#, and I received several comments from the gym and at work about how I was looking bigger and more muscular, often from the people I'd least expect, who also would have had no idea I was working specifically toward these goals with Laura.

When I feared these lifestyle changes may not be sustainable in the long run due to my erratic schedule and limited culinary skills, Laura taught me that it's certainly possible to integrate these changes without sacrificing convenience. For example, she taught me several high-protein recipes that could very easily be cooked on a Sunday with just a few ingredients, and then serve as my lunch at the office for a full week. When others were discussing what fast food restaurant to go to for lunch, I'd feel like I was a step ahead of the game and I heated up a chicken breast with broccoli.

The greatest part about working with Laura was the way she would take a personal interest in her clients and let us know how much she cared about us achieving our goals. In the past I'd feel discouraged when my performance seemed to stagnate, but Laura believed in me and gave me the confidence to work harder and try new ideas. Her sincere efforts had an enormous effect on my improvement as an athlete, and after working with her I feel stronger, healthier , and more confident for the 2012 Crossfit Open then I ever imagined I'd be!

Joe M

Laura's health coaching was the answer I needed to get ready for my wedding. She helped me take control of what I was eating and helped me stay accountable for my workouts. I was able to reach my goal for my wedding and I've learned more than I ever thought I would about what I put in my mouth and how it impacts my daily activities.

Rachel A.

After completing the 3 Week Sugar Challenge I tried to have some gum today, and I can't even chew it anymore. It tastes gross, and gave me a major headache!

Gina S.

HELP! And Laura did, with practical and livable ideas. Laura listens to me and lets me know what is working and why, and how to make good life choices. She understands what I need and what fits my life style. I feel healthy and energized.

Kathy H.