Paleo 101

Are you new to Paleo and want to get an idea what this crazy lifestyle is all about?  I first learned of Paleo way back in 2009 and my first thought were literally that it was crazy and that no one could survive eating such a limited amount of foods.  Fast forward a few years and you have me, a fully converted Paleo devotee, feeling the best I ever have with tons of energy, clearer skin, leaner than ever before while continuing to progress and excel in my sports of running, triathlon, and Crossfit.

Paleo is not another fad diet, it’s a way of life, and while it takes some learning and some dedication to “change” away from what conventional wisdom and the media is bombarding you with, I encourage you to embark on your own experiment and give it a try for  a month.  Yes I said a month, what is one month in the grand scheme of life?  I’m not asking you to buy expensive protein powders, supplements, or food, but instead overhaul your diet and load up on real, rich, nutrient dense foods.  You don’t have to bite off more than you can chew in the beginning, there are many ways to go Paleo and many shades of the Paleo diet as well.

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What burning Paleo 101 questions and information are YOU looking for?

photo credit: Khaz via photopin cc

photo credit: Khaz via photopin cc

You can’t out-exercise a poor diet

The concepts behind the Paleo lifestyle are routing in eating nutritious, whole, and real foods.  Transitioning you away from the fat and calorie content and instead thinking about eating real, fresh foods – instead of your 100 calorie snack pack of crackers, light fat free yogurt, and low fat string cheese, consider eating a giant salad with grilled chicken, avocado, carrots, cucumbers and roasted peppers. Which meal sounds more nutritious and more satisfying?

How do I get started with Paleo?

Most information out there recommends a full, all-in, 30 day commitment to the Paleo diet – while this is also what I recommend because it will get you the “biggest bang for your buck” honestly, its hard.  In order to do change your lifestyle successfully I think how you go Paleo is an important and personal decision.   You have to determine what works for you, and what you’re able to sustain so that you set yourself up for success instead of failure.  If jumping feet first into the deep end of the Paleo pool isn’t your cup of tea,   here are a few options that I recommend and work with my coaching clients to implement:

  1. Go All In – Do a 30 day Paleo Challenge
  2. One Meal at a Time – Start with 1 Paleo Meal a day, keep that up for a few weeks, then move onto to adding another Paleo meal until you’ve made over all your food
  3. Step by Step – start going gluten free, then progress to grain free, then kick out legumes, and finally dairy.  Guess what, now you’re mostly Paleo!
  4. Paleo + _____ – go almost all in, but keep your cheese/peanut butter/diet coke/etc. that one thing you think you can’t live without, get comfortable while still holding onto your food “crutch” then ditch it