Homemade Paleo Chocolate

I'm doing the Relentless Transformation 5.0 with Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness and about 50 others and am using it to clean up some things that have sneaked into my diet. That aren't terrible but aren't really great either (hey, I'm human!). One of those things is chocolate, if I stuck to eating the 85% that I have at home that would be no big deal but I've been eating a lot if chocolate chips (not that great) mixed with salted pistachios they are my go to snack of choice. Last week … [Read more...]

How to move and sleep more with the help of a Fitbit

Some of you guys are already on that quantified self bandwagon.  You know the people that are always tinkering with their diet, exercise, sleep, light exposure, supplements, you name it.  On any given day they are conducting some new, often weird, experiment on themselves.  This is all fine and well, as long as you have a way to measure and determine that what you're doing is making an actual impact on  you! Enter the Fitbit, I had a Fitbit a year or so ago and after using it for about 4 or … [Read more...]

Adding some mindfulness to my life

I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty busy.  I'm always on the go, rarely sitting, and always on to my next thing.  This is pretty common for most people in America today - or maybe I'm just crazy :)  But all this go-go-go can lead to a lot of probably uncessary stress.  Enter stress management - that elusive thing that you're constantly trying to manage, trying to be "less stressed" is stressful in itself. Last fall I attended an introductory session for University of Pennsylvania's … [Read more...]

Standing Desk Update

The past year or so I've been trying out all sorts of things to get me up and moving at work, instead of just sitting in a chair all day.  I've written up a few of my strategies, my Portable Standing Desk and Take a Break Reminder - Work Rave along with some of the reasons why you should reconsider sitting all day Sitting is the New Smoking and You may want to stand up for this.  I'm still working through what works for me at home, at work, based on my energy level, etc. I submitted … [Read more...]

Stand Up! Portable Standing Desk

Think about how much of your day you spend "working" or "at work" and then think about that hour or two that you committ to being healthy - a Crossfit WOD, run, yoga class, bike, swim, or whatever it is that you do to stay active.  Now imagine that you could convert your work space to be healthier, without investing thousands in a a new work space!  Enter the portable standing desk.  I ordred this through ebay, and it is a HUGE improvement over my empty copy paper box work station that I had … [Read more...]