Getting ready for cold weather

Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen

Full Recipe Name: Simple Chicken Soup

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FNK Recipe: Food Networks Kitchen’s Simple Chicken Soup, as seen on

Project:, FN Essentials/Weeknights/Fall/Holidays

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Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network

There are a few things that I start to change up once the leaves start to change color and the weather starts to cool down (is this ever happening this Fall here outside of Philly?!). First my cooking routine changes, and I go back to making a pot of soup or chili almost every week.  I love having soup as my go-to lunch, so I have fewer leftover dinner lunches and many soup and salad lunches.  When I make soup, I mean starting with bones, making my own broth, and then adding in veggies … [Read more...]

Safe beauty and personal care products from Beautycounter

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Did you know that your body could absorb up to 60% of anything you put on it, meaning that thing things you use on your body like lotion, face cream, make-up are all being absorbed by YOUR body.  That means that what you put ON your body is almost as important as what you put IN your body. I have been hunting for safe beauty products since 2013, and have had a lot of trouble finding a company that has a quality product that is accessible.   I started this journey a few years after I had … [Read more...]

New resource – THRIVE Market

Thrive order

I'm always looking for ways to make things easier, and I've been working on changing over everything to be more natural.  Winter is a tough time for fresh produce and local famers markets, but the TRHIVE market place is a great place to purchase your non-perishables at a discount.  It's being described as Costco + Whole Foods - since it's membership based (you pay $60/year for access to the marketplace) but the discounts will pay for themselves in your first few orders. Another cool thing, … [Read more...]

Fabletics Review – Quality workout gear at half price?

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So personally half of my clothes are workout clothes, when we do laundry it's 50% technical workout clothes.  I've learned that it is worth it to have quality workout clothes when exercise is a major part of your life - and I would prefer to never workout wearing cotton ever again!  A few weeks ago a friend was wearing a cute top, and I liked it and she told me it was from Fabletics - and I checked out the site and learned that they sell workout clothes in outfits - so you purchase an outfit … [Read more...]

Strong is Beautiful

This past weekend we celebrated the conclusion of the Paleo Challenge - and a few other variations - at Crossfit King of Prussia.  I was struck at how vibrant everyone looked, and it was really cool to hear people share what they learned over the past 30 or so days.  Some experienced headaches clearing up, acid reflux / GERD eliminated, that their morning stuffiness had evaporated, and most of all that everyone felt great.  People were setting PR's, losing weight from 2 to 18 … [Read more...]