Test and Re-Test – What Blood Tests to ask for to monitor your health

Monitoring your health is important.  While I have a specific idea about what I think "healthy" is I also recognize that in order for what you do to be sustainable it has to work for you.  I also believe in self experimenting, the n=1 stuff  -- a sample size (n) of one, which is you! -- because what works for you at one time will not necessarily work for the rest of your life.  You change, your routine changes, your goals change, your priorities change....so how you eat, sleep, and move … [Read more...]

Fish Cakes Recipe and How to Eat Sardines without Tasting Them

Sardines are one of those super foods that are excellent for you, chock full of great anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats.  They are also a food that elicits a gag-reflex in a lot of people....sardines, eww! I finally bought my first can of sardines, and when I peeled back the lid, did the same thing, ewww....at least they didn't have the heads on them!  But taking a look at the filets with the skin still on, I had no idea how I was going to get these things down.  Enter a recipe from … [Read more...]

Paleo Fx Follow Ups

In my last post about Paleo Fx I mentioned that there were quite a few things for me to investigate more.   The conference was jam packed with really great information presented by talented speakers both in the Paleo community and in the medical community.  One of the things that I found really interesting was the number of people that had a clinical practice, either as a MD (like Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Lane Sebring) or as a functional practitioner (like Chris Kresser).  The overwhelming … [Read more...]

Paleo in US News Report

Ok I'm a little late to the table on this, but I still wanted to share some of my thoughts.  US News released a report ranking the Best Overall Diets and the good news is that the Paleo diet is included on the list.  The bad news is that it's last...my blink reaction to the list is that I want to see the ranking criteria.  Any study or report that includes the Slim Fast Diet and Medi Fast Diet (which feature consuming fortified supplements instead of … [Read more...]


Nutritional supplements are a hot topic, and are constantly covered in health related news.  Deciding what supplements you should be taking is important, because supplements cost money (sometimes a lot of money!) and are not "real food" so you need to be careful what you're adding to your food and body and understand WHY you're doing it.  When you are eating real and whole foods you are getting a large variety of vitamins and minerals so the standard multi-vitamin is something that is … [Read more...]