My 2014 Crossfit Open Recap – 8 months pregnant

This year I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to do the Crossfit Open.  The Open workouts give you the opportunity to compare yourself to the rest of the world, qualify to go to regionals if you're at that level, or help your gym qualify a team.  I've been able to qualify to go to Regionals with my gym's affiliate team two times in the past 4 years, which has been an amazing experience.  This year I was not expecting to be competitive, as the first workout was starting when I would be 30 … [Read more...]

Sports at any age

After watching the Olympics in Sochi, I started realizing how young most of the Olympic athletes are in the winter Olympics.  It was amazing to see the 15 year old figure skaters performing at an elite athletic level, and kind of sad to know that in another few years they will have peaked and will no longer be competitive in their sport.  More endurance related sports cater to experience and for example in sports like triathlon, you peak at a later age, 30 -40 rather than your early … [Read more...]

Biohack your way stronger…with eggs

Biohacking, what's that you say?  Biohacking is something that people who have "made health their hobby" as stated  by Relentless Roger do through n=1 experiments.  You know what I'm talking about here right?  n=1 means something that YOU try on YOU!  All things being equal you start tinkering with things, what you eat, supplements, your sleep, etc.  Did you know that there is a crazy world out there of biohacking people? photo credit: SuperFantastic via photopin cc   Ok, so I … [Read more...]

It’s Amazing What You Can Do in 8 weeks – My Transformation with Relentless Fitness

I recently finished up an 8 week lifestyle hacking experiment sponsored by my Philadelphia based management consulting company Vynamic, where I handed over my food, mindset, and nutritional choices (along with 11 of my colleagues) to another person when I decided to be a part of the Relentless Fitness Virtual Transformation run by Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness.  I am calling program virtual because that was the goal, to do this without showing up and spending time with Roger at his … [Read more...]

FitBit Review…Glorified Pedometer or Good Health Tracking Tool

A couple of months ago I decided to get a FitBit.  It’s a little device that can be described as a souped up pedometer, but a little more high tech than one of those free ones you’ve gotten with a little ticker that if you shake you can increase your step count.                 The FitBit tracks the number of steps you take a day; it also tracks the number of stairs you climb and gives you a goal to shoot for each day or … [Read more...]