New resource – THRIVE Market

I'm always looking for ways to make things easier, and I've been working on changing over everything to be more natural.  Winter is a tough time for fresh produce and local famers markets, but the TRHIVE market place is a great place to purchase your non-perishables at a discount.  It's being described as Costco + Whole Foods - since it's membership based (you pay $60/year for access to the marketplace) but the discounts will pay for themselves in your first few orders. Another cool thing, … [Read more...]

Making Sleeping Better with essential oils

So I've had my essential oils for a bit now and I'm working on integrating them into my life.  I'm working on replacing many of the toxins that I encounter by finding a natural solution.  Many of the things marked "natural" on the label, aren't really, but aren't all that much better. Here are two things that I'm using regularly - I made these roller balls - which took all of 2 minutes each.  The roller ball allows you to put the oils on directly, in an easy and mess free way. I use … [Read more...]

You spray what, where? A new form of Magnesium Supplementation.

As many of you know I"m a big fan of magnesium supplementation.  Our soils are really depleted so even if you eat a lot of vegetables most people are still magnesium deficient.  I am a big fan of Natural Calm, which is a fizzy magnesium drink that I have incorporated into my bedtime routine/ritual.  It's one of the first things that I recommend to my health coaching clients, and MOST people really notice a difference in sleep quality when they take it.  A few don't, but then hey, it doesn't … [Read more...]

Another fishy fish oil study headline

Another study casting doubt on something that you were doing that you thought was healthy.  Fish Oil's Heart Benefits May Be Overstated takes a look at fish oil's benefits to heart health.  Now before you throw the fish oil out or stop taking it, lets examine a little further what this piece is really saying. The article states that omega-3 fatty acids  have been show to: Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Triglycerides, and Prevent heart Rhythm Abnormalities but with this latest study … [Read more...]

Paleo Fx Follow Ups

In my last post about Paleo Fx I mentioned that there were quite a few things for me to investigate more.   The conference was jam packed with really great information presented by talented speakers both in the Paleo community and in the medical community.  One of the things that I found really interesting was the number of people that had a clinical practice, either as a MD (like Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Lane Sebring) or as a functional practitioner (like Chris Kresser).  The overwhelming … [Read more...]