7 Take-Aways from Paleo Fx 2013

This past weekend from March 28 - 30th I attended the 2nd annual Paleo Fx - Ancestral Movement - Theory to Practice in Austin Texas.  It was a total of 2.5 days, with 21 hours surrounded by Paleo people and emerged in the adventures of Paleo-land.  48 possible sessions (not including cooking demos or workout options) of which I was able to attend 19, and met a whole lot of like-minded people.  Here is what my days looked like: Day 1: Nora Gedgaudes; Dr. Cate Shanahan; Dr. Terry Wahls; … [Read more...]

Biohack your way stronger…with eggs

Biohacking, what's that you say?  Biohacking is something that people who have "made health their hobby" as stated  by Relentless Roger do through n=1 experiments.  You know what I'm talking about here right?  n=1 means something that YOU try on YOU!  All things being equal you start tinkering with things, what you eat, supplements, your sleep, etc.  Did you know that there is a crazy world out there of biohacking people? photo credit: SuperFantastic via photopin cc   Ok, so I … [Read more...]

It’s Amazing What You Can Do in 8 weeks – My Transformation with Relentless Fitness

I recently finished up an 8 week lifestyle hacking experiment sponsored by my Philadelphia based management consulting company Vynamic, where I handed over my food, mindset, and nutritional choices (along with 11 of my colleagues) to another person when I decided to be a part of the Relentless Fitness Virtual Transformation run by Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness.  I am calling program virtual because that was the goal, to do this without showing up and spending time with Roger at his … [Read more...]

Women can’t do pull-ups…

I haven't written about exercise in a while and I was checking out an article a friend wrote on the Crossfit Journal and on the side I see this picture with the headline "Women Can't do Pull Ups" from the New York Times and I am immediately offended. So I checked the article out - good headline guys - it worked.  The article talks through how some researches though they could get women to do pull ups with some targeted strength training, which when they took a 17 "normal-weight" women … [Read more...]

My trip down under & How to stay on track on vacation

Many of you know that I recently got back from a long vacation, we spent 17 days away from home traveling to New Zealand and Australia.  Often people take a vacation from their normal eating pattern and workout routine when they are on vacation, which may be OK if you're gone for a long weekend, but 17 days is a slightly different story.  So now you're probably wondering: did you stay Paleo while on vacation? Did you work out?  Did you spoil your vacation because you were trying to fit … [Read more...]