Meet Scott, Founder of Zukay, and Learn the Secrets of Beet Juice!

A few weeks ago I discovered Zukay at an endurance fair.  I bought a bottle of beet ginger juice to try out and was pleased with how it tasted.  Then I ran into Scott, founder of Zukay, at Paleo Fx and decided that it would be a great idea to share his story and his knowledge with you.  I used Scott's recommendation of a pre-workout glass of beet juice this morning before the Valley Forge 5-Mile run and I got my best time ever, beating last year's time by almost a full minute and squeaking in … [Read more...]

It’s Amazing What You Can Do in 8 weeks – My Transformation with Relentless Fitness

I recently finished up an 8 week lifestyle hacking experiment sponsored by my Philadelphia based management consulting company Vynamic, where I handed over my food, mindset, and nutritional choices (along with 11 of my colleagues) to another person when I decided to be a part of the Relentless Fitness Virtual Transformation run by Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness.  I am calling program virtual because that was the goal, to do this without showing up and spending time with Roger at his … [Read more...]

My trip down under & How to stay on track on vacation

Many of you know that I recently got back from a long vacation, we spent 17 days away from home traveling to New Zealand and Australia.  Often people take a vacation from their normal eating pattern and workout routine when they are on vacation, which may be OK if you're gone for a long weekend, but 17 days is a slightly different story.  So now you're probably wondering: did you stay Paleo while on vacation? Did you work out?  Did you spoil your vacation because you were trying to fit … [Read more...]

Paleo + Endurance + Crossfit = ?

After my guest post on Carrots N Cake: Why I Chose Paleo I got a few questions on how to blend Paleo + Endurance training and how Crossfit can fit into this equation.  This isn't the first time I've gotten questions like this, so I decided to devote some blog space to it!  Anyone that's Paleo and an endurance athlete should absolutely be following Nell Stephenson, a self proclaimed Paleoista! she is a very successfuly Ironman triathlete (qualifies for Kona!) who is 100% strict Paleo all the … [Read more...]

AC International Triathlon

This weekend marked my second to last triathlon for the year...getting me ready for my big athletic endeavor this year (and ever), the Poconos 70.3 Half Ironman which is fast approaching on October 2nd. The Race Details: The Atlantic City International Triathlon.9m Ocean Swim22 Mile Bike6.2 Mile Run Mine is blue and white, but same design What's new for me this race is that I experimented with some new foods trying to stay Paleo while getting more fuel in me on the bike … [Read more...]