When vacation doesn’t go as planned

Do you ever take a step back and wonder why certain things happen at the time that they do?  I'm not a person that necessarily believes in fate, but this year when I was on vacation I sprained my ankle which put my on crutches for 2 weeks (while on vacation) and gave me a lot of time for reflection.  I found myself thinking, more than once, did this happen for a reason?  Is someone telling me that I need to slow down, take a break, and just chill out? This July we had an active … [Read more...]

Another fishy fish oil study headline

Another study casting doubt on something that you were doing that you thought was healthy.  Fish Oil's Heart Benefits May Be Overstated takes a look at fish oil's benefits to heart health.  Now before you throw the fish oil out or stop taking it, lets examine a little further what this piece is really saying. The article states that omega-3 fatty acids  have been show to: Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Triglycerides, and Prevent heart Rhythm Abnormalities but with this latest study … [Read more...]

Ironman Pocono Mountains 69.1

This weekend I completed the Bike and Run of the Ironman Pocono Mountain 69.1 (since the swim is 1.2, I've removed that from the planned 70.3 distance).  Overall it was an amazing experience, and even though the swim cancellation was a HUGE disappointment to me, I'm glad I did it.  I thought I was prepared, but actually doing the 56m bike and then the 13.1m run I was able to prove to myself that I really could do it. I was Paleo except for my the Powerbar Gels and a little corn in all … [Read more...]

You’ve Got Questions….I’ve Got Answers

Thank you all for the questions that you submitted, here is the first round of answers - please feel free to continue to post more and I'll pull them through into a future post.Laura - Hey, I've got a question for ya! I have been doing a 21 day challenge of strict paleo and while it's been going really well, I have found that I am craving gum. I can't seem to shake this and have been giving in to it. I am chewing like 6 to 8 pieces of gum a day. I am assuming it's because I am craving sugar? … [Read more...]

Fight Inflammation Naturally

I've spoken before about the importance of managing inflammation in your body, through eating whole foods: vegetables, meats, seafood, fruits, some nuts and seeds. You want to reduce inflammation since it seems to be the root of many diseases – so an easy way to stay healthy is to reduce inflammation. You can reduce inflammation by NOT putting inflammatory things into your body like gluten and lectins, which means removing certain foods from your diet. Another thing you can do is put good … [Read more...]