Paleo Resources, how do you stay informed?

I get a lot of questions about what I follow and how to stay informed.  After sending a few emails where I noticed I as repeating information I decided to throw it together here for a quick list.  This isn't comprehensive, but rather the things that I keep reading, referencing, or listening to.  Let me know what you think I'm missing.   Paleo Science and Information: Robb Wolf Caveman Doctor  Chris Kresser Mark's Daily Apple Whole 9   Paleo … [Read more...]

Next Dinner Party…Amaze Your Guests with Paleo Osso Buco

I just made the most incredible meal and it was super easy.  If you haven't already done so I highly recommend you pick up the 4 Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss - its not only a cookbook, but a book on learning how to learn - and in it he's tackling teaching you 2 years of culinary school knowledge in, you guessed it, 4 hours of hands on time.  Unlike most cookbooks, he builds you through a progression of skills, and starts by setting you up for success with this amazing Osso Buco … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on the Obesity Epidemic – When I Grow Up I’m going to be 300lbs. Help!

"The government has spent hundreds of millions telling Americans to exercise more and eat less.  But the country is getting heavier every year. It's time to change the way we think about fat. " Gary Taubes 5 things I took from Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing." by Gary Taubes (in Newsweek)     1. The conventional wisdom energy balance theory is wrong This is not new information to me and is a recurring theme in Gary's book Good Calories, … [Read more...]

Paleo Fx Follow Ups

In my last post about Paleo Fx I mentioned that there were quite a few things for me to investigate more.   The conference was jam packed with really great information presented by talented speakers both in the Paleo community and in the medical community.  One of the things that I found really interesting was the number of people that had a clinical practice, either as a MD (like Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Lane Sebring) or as a functional practitioner (like Chris Kresser).  The overwhelming … [Read more...]

In search of “The Perfect Human Diet”

A few weeks ago I was talking with my co-worker and he was telling me that his friends were on a juicing kick, where all they were doing was juices and smoothies because they want to be healthier and maybe lose some weight. He generally follows a Paleo lifestyle, so I asked him why he didn't suggest that they give Paleo a try. He said he did but his friends saw a documentary on juicing...and maybe they could be convinced to try Paleo if there was a Paleo documentary? Enter the first speaker … [Read more...]