Test and Re-Test – What Blood Tests to ask for to monitor your health

Monitoring your health is important.  While I have a specific idea about what I think "healthy" is I also recognize that in order for what you do to be sustainable it has to work for you.  I also believe in self experimenting, the n=1 stuff  -- a sample size (n) of one, which is you! -- because what works for you at one time will not necessarily work for the rest of your life.  You change, your routine changes, your goals change, your priorities change....so how you eat, sleep, and move … [Read more...]

Another fishy fish oil study headline

Another study casting doubt on something that you were doing that you thought was healthy.  Fish Oil's Heart Benefits May Be Overstated takes a look at fish oil's benefits to heart health.  Now before you throw the fish oil out or stop taking it, lets examine a little further what this piece is really saying. The article states that omega-3 fatty acids  have been show to: Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Triglycerides, and Prevent heart Rhythm Abnormalities but with this latest study … [Read more...]

Announcing my Go Against the Grain Program

I'm really excited to announce my Go Against the Grain Program, this program is designed to help YOU break free from everything you've learned from conventional wisdom about health and exercise and learn about what you can do to actually make yourself healthier.  If you're looking to lose a few pounds or a whole person, fighting an autoimmune disease or just want to improve your chances of not getting xyz-disease that runs in your family, or just want to find the energy you used to have as a … [Read more...]

How to make bone broth

After listening and being inspired again by the real food summit to start to incorporate some of the traditional super super foods into my diet, I've decided to really try liver (I have it sitting in my freezer, I just need to make it!) and to reattempt bone broth.  I tried making bone broth over the winter and did it over the stove, and cooked it for a few hours one cold winter day.  I made it with beef bones that I got from the farm market and it turned out ok - I thought.  I got a few good … [Read more...]

In search of “The Perfect Human Diet”

A few weeks ago I was talking with my co-worker and he was telling me that his friends were on a juicing kick, where all they were doing was juices and smoothies because they want to be healthier and maybe lose some weight. He generally follows a Paleo lifestyle, so I asked him why he didn't suggest that they give Paleo a try. He said he did but his friends saw a documentary on juicing...and maybe they could be convinced to try Paleo if there was a Paleo documentary? Enter the first speaker … [Read more...]