Forest Bathing – Why You Should Try It

Do you want to lower your cortisol, lower your blood pressure, and lower your heart rate all in a matter of hours?  Must be some new miracle pill,right?  Nope, just a walk outside where you immerse yourself in nature.  It's a concept called "forest bathing" which sounds a little out there, but the principal is that we feel better when we spend time outdoors, in nature and our bodies respond favorably not just while we're in nature, but for the longer term. Have you ever thought about using … [Read more...]

3 Minute Paleo Brownie – Instant Dessert for One

You know that slippery slope of Paleo treats and  baked goods, where you make something as a treat and limit your portion to something reasonable (a few cookies, a slice of cake, etc) but the problem with these recipes is that you make a large amount and if you don't have someone to share with, then guess who ends up eating the rest of the 3 dozen cookies, banana bread, coconut cake with chocolate frosting, tray of chocolate covered almond butter bites..... It was my mom's idea to experiment … [Read more...]

Paleo Resources, how do you stay informed?

I get a lot of questions about what I follow and how to stay informed.  After sending a few emails where I noticed I as repeating information I decided to throw it together here for a quick list.  This isn't comprehensive, but rather the things that I keep reading, referencing, or listening to.  Let me know what you think I'm missing.   Paleo Science and Information: Robb Wolf Caveman Doctor  Chris Kresser Mark's Daily Apple Whole 9   Paleo … [Read more...]

Buy Local Support Your Farmer – CSA, Farmer’s Markets, and Healthy Highlights

I love this time of year for a few reasons, the sun is out, it's warming up (OK - its gotten a little too warm too fast here this year but normally it's great!) and there are lots of fresh vegetables and fruits available.  Ever notice how much better fresh food tastes?  The difference between the tender baby lettuce from your garden, your CSA share, or your local farmer is amazing compared to what you can buy "regularly" in the store. This pas week I got an amazing share from my CSA … [Read more...]

7 Take-Aways from Paleo Fx 2013

This past weekend from March 28 - 30th I attended the 2nd annual Paleo Fx - Ancestral Movement - Theory to Practice in Austin Texas.  It was a total of 2.5 days, with 21 hours surrounded by Paleo people and emerged in the adventures of Paleo-land.  48 possible sessions (not including cooking demos or workout options) of which I was able to attend 19, and met a whole lot of like-minded people.  Here is what my days looked like: Day 1: Nora Gedgaudes; Dr. Cate Shanahan; Dr. Terry Wahls; … [Read more...]