Saturated Fat doesn’t cause heart disease

From a Paleo and real, clean food perspective the news that eating saturated fats doesn't cause heart disease (think red meat and butter) shouldn't be news to you.  However, for the rest of the world, that statement elicits a huge "huh" response? The Wall Street Journal published an article last week, The Questionable Link between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease, which is not new news but is important because of the audience that is exposed to it.  It states that it's not new news that … [Read more...]

Should you try the Paleo diet in 2013?

That’s the question that Women’s Health is asking you this year.  If you’re one of the people that helped make “Paleo Diet” the most searched for diet in January 2013 then I’ve got some thoughts for you. photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc 2013 marks the start of my fifth year in Paleo-land, and over the past 4 years there has been much more and better information out there, I’ve learned more, evolved my diet and done a lot of self experimentation.  One thing that has … [Read more...]

Can sugar make you stupid?

High Carbs and Sugar linked to Alzheimer’s, being stupid, and weight gain Thanks to all of your who have been sending me articles to check out lately – recently I noticed a trend that I'm not surprised by…that carbs and sugar aren’t the best for you or your health.  Here’s a recap of a couple of articles that describe how carbohydrates and sugar are linked to cognitive function, Alzheimer’s, being stupid, and weight gain. High-carb diet is linked to early Alzheimer's A recent … [Read more...]

Is sugar killing our children?

Now full disclosure, I don't actually HAVE children, so my title is hypothetical and a play on Dr. Mark Hymans' article Sugar Babies: How to stop the genocide of our children.  That being said, this is a really insightful piece commenting on the large increase in childhood obesity - a few quick facts from the article There has been an over 1,000% increase in type 2 diabetes in children over the last two decades(1). Fifteen years ago 3% of new cases of diabetes in children were type 2 … [Read more...]

Look what I got in the mail today!

Finally some sense in my mailbox!  Think about what you're feeding you and your kids (if you have them) and is it really a treat or if it's toxic to your body.  Sugar is a toxin - it's addictive and contributing to the obesity crisis that America is currently facing.  Plus, think about all of the chemicals that are in the ice cream that are making all the little flecks on the outside of the strawberry ice cream pop nice and pink? I vote toxin, what's your thought? … [Read more...]