Backpacking the AT

This weekend I went out with Tim and another couple and did a fun, low key backpacking weekend.  We went up to Hamburg, PA where we did about 8 miles on and around the Appalachian Trail (AT) and went to the Pulpit and the Pinnacle, then left the protected water shed area to camp and headed back to the parked car on Sunday.  It was a nice relaxed trip, full of low intensity action - hiking with a ~25 pound pack expertly balanced on my hips to take the load off my shoulders.  It sounds a little … [Read more...]

It’s Amazing What You Can Do in 8 weeks – My Transformation with Relentless Fitness

I recently finished up an 8 week lifestyle hacking experiment sponsored by my Philadelphia based management consulting company Vynamic, where I handed over my food, mindset, and nutritional choices (along with 11 of my colleagues) to another person when I decided to be a part of the Relentless Fitness Virtual Transformation run by Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness.  I am calling program virtual because that was the goal, to do this without showing up and spending time with Roger at his … [Read more...]

Officially 70.3 Finisher

 Even with threats from Tropical Storm Rina, I am now an official Ironman 70.3 finisher! The race was like the rest of the races this year, expo in the rain the day before and we were worried about the weather up through the start of the race. Saturday had patches of sun and then patches of rain and it was really hot and humid - I was worried about it being that hot on race day because I was sweating just standing around. Food Truck - Delcious Healthy Food  The best part … [Read more...]

Taper Week

This is the last week before the Poconos 70.3 Half Ironman, which is now only 5 short days away!  Last Saturday, after getting my bike fit done at High Road Cycles, I embarked on my first 50 mile bike ride.  This was something I mentally needed to do, because I had a lot of pain on my 40 mile ride and going for another 16 miles like that might not have been possible.  At my bike fit, Isaac helped me and he really shortened my reach, adjusted my seat height and position, and … [Read more...]

AC International Triathlon

This weekend marked my second to last triathlon for the year...getting me ready for my big athletic endeavor this year (and ever), the Poconos 70.3 Half Ironman which is fast approaching on October 2nd. The Race Details: The Atlantic City International Triathlon.9m Ocean Swim22 Mile Bike6.2 Mile Run Mine is blue and white, but same design What's new for me this race is that I experimented with some new foods trying to stay Paleo while getting more fuel in me on the bike … [Read more...]