Fish Cakes Recipe and How to Eat Sardines without Tasting Them

Sardines are one of those super foods that are excellent for you, chock full of great anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats.  They are also a food that elicits a gag-reflex in a lot of people....sardines, eww! I finally bought my first can of sardines, and when I peeled back the lid, did the same thing, least they didn't have the heads on them!  But taking a look at the filets with the skin still on, I had no idea how I was going to get these things down.  Enter a recipe from … [Read more...]

Should you try the Paleo diet in 2013?

That’s the question that Women’s Health is asking you this year.  If you’re one of the people that helped make “Paleo Diet” the most searched for diet in January 2013 then I’ve got some thoughts for you. photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc 2013 marks the start of my fifth year in Paleo-land, and over the past 4 years there has been much more and better information out there, I’ve learned more, evolved my diet and done a lot of self experimentation.  One thing that has … [Read more...]

Fat won’t make you Fat

Entering the new year and trying out a Paleo lifestyle one of the biggest pieces that you need to abolish from your thoughts is that eating fat will make you fat.  Mark Sission calls these myths that we believe to be true, conventional wisdom, so throw that conventional wisdom out the door, eating fat doesn't make you fat - but rather provides you fuel! It's true that when you switch over to a Paleo diet that for most, it's going to be a diet that is higher in fat than the Standard … [Read more...]

Another fishy fish oil study headline

Another study casting doubt on something that you were doing that you thought was healthy.  Fish Oil's Heart Benefits May Be Overstated takes a look at fish oil's benefits to heart health.  Now before you throw the fish oil out or stop taking it, lets examine a little further what this piece is really saying. The article states that omega-3 fatty acids  have been show to: Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Triglycerides, and Prevent heart Rhythm Abnormalities but with this latest study … [Read more...]

Should New York Ban Big Sodas?

You may have remember hearing rumblings of a soda ban in NYC, last Thursday (Sept 13 2012) the "New York City Board of Health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters, the first restriction of its kind in the country."  For more details on the announcement, you can read the NY Times write-up Health Panel Approves Restriction on Sale of Large Sugary Drinks. So what does this mean for soda drinkers in New … [Read more...]