Eating Paleo…Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

How many people out there would like to give eating Paleo a try, but are thinking something along the lines of this... I know, I know, eating Paleo is hard and time consuming right?  I often hear things like: Eating Paleo is too hard I don't know how to cook I don't have time to cook and clean paleo food Eating Paleo is too expensive I'm so sick of eating chicken and broccoli Well guess what, those in the King of Prussia area can throw out those excuses, because I just learned … [Read more...]

Eat Real Food – Tips to Avoid GMOs

If you haven't checked it out yet, Sean Croxton is doing a "Real Food" Summit which includes a series of presentations made available to anyone that signs up (for free!) over the next few days.  It kicked off on Sunday July 8th and runs through Monday July 16th - I missed the presentations on Sunday but am trying to catch them each day.  Each presentation is available for 24 hours from the date/time its posted.  I believe he'll make the materials available after the summit is complete for a … [Read more...]

Can your diet cure disease?

Do you think that food is powerful enough to heal or cure disease?  Dr Terry Wahls cured herself from secondary progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), where she had reached a point of degeneration to the point that she was only able to walk short distances with 2 canes and had to be in a reclined, zero gravity chair for the majority of the day.  Watch her full video (it's under 18 minutes) on Tedx now, she has a compelling … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Brussels Sprouts

Yes there is an "s" in Brussels Sprouts :) These are a favorite in my house and something that I make at least once a week and are really good too!  I posted a picture on facebook of some chicken kabobs we made - they were delicious and got a recipe request for the sprouts.  One thing you can do to get healthier is to add more vegetables to your diet, and Brussels Sprouts are a good one so try this out and see if it's something you add to your weekly cooking menu.  They are quick, easy, and … [Read more...]

Paleo and Crossfit – talk at CFDV and Paleo in the news

Want to learn about the Paleo diet, its health benefits, and how to implement it into your daily life? Come to the Paleo 101 workshop at Crossfit Delaware Valley this Thursday (4/19) at 8 pm, presented by Larry Palazzolo and Laura Pappas (of CF KoP). Click on the link HERE to register. Curious about Crossfit and Paleo - check out this recent write up in the NY Post … [Read more...]