Should you try the Paleo diet in 2013?

That’s the question that Women’s Health is asking you this year.  If you’re one of the people that helped make “Paleo Diet” the most searched for diet in January 2013 then I’ve got some thoughts for you. photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc 2013 marks the start of my fifth year in Paleo-land, and over the past 4 years there has been much more and better information out there, I’ve learned more, evolved my diet and done a lot of self experimentation.  One thing that has … [Read more...]

My Field Trip to Wyebrook Farm

A few weeks ago I was able to go on a work sponsored field trip to a local area far, Wyebrook Farm.  We were able to go to the Farm earlier than its normally open on a Friday and explore the grounds as well as learn about the farming techniques and history of the farm. We started the day at the farm wondering around the fields near the farmhouse and market, getting to check out the pigs hanging out and enjoying the sun.  We saw some of the workers feed the pigs some scraps from the … [Read more...]

Paleo Version of Lasagna

We recently had a party were a friend brought over a Paleo lasagna made with butternut squash instead of noodles and it was delicious as well as a big hit at the party.  I decided to recreate it last week for dinner and added my own twist.  Following Dr. Terry Whals's example of getting 9 cups of vegetables a day, I added some additional veggies to this already veggie friendly grain and gluten free version of lasagna.  This is an easy meal to throw together, you just need some time in the … [Read more...]

Wheying your options

Wheying your options...what should you consider when choosing a whey protein powder, once you've decided that you want to try taking it for muscle building and recovery. Many athletes or anyone that is doing large amounts of exercise use some sort of whey protein to help fuel or recover from their workouts.  When you see products that have "20g of protein" in them, whey or soy protein is often the type of protein that you see in protein shakes and in the "energy" bars that contain … [Read more...]

Don’t Eat Like a Caveman…

I came across this post on Facebook today, posted ironically by Paleo Magazine: Dont' Eat Like a Caveman - as a person that follows the Paleo diet and therefore "eats like a caveman" I was intrigued.  I personally hate it when people describe my diet and lifestyle as the caveman diet.  I admit that I have used this description before when explaining what Paleo is because when I say I eat a Paleo Paleolithic or Primal diet most people respond with  a glazed look in their eyes, so I revert … [Read more...]