Paging Dr. Google – Taking control of my own (eye) health

What do you do when you have an ailment? Do you turn to a health professional first? Try Dr. Google? Home remedies? For months now I've been struggling with my eye health. I've been a contact lens wearer since high school and haven't had any problems, but this May I got what I thought was pink eye - red eyes, semi-glued shut in the morning, which became a reoccurring infection for me. I would treat with drops, it would clear, and then 1-2 weeks later it would come back. No one else in my … [Read more...]

5 Things to Toss from your Kitchen to get healthier this instant!

If your kitchen is filled with healthy foods, you will eat healthy foods! 5 Things to Toss from your Kitchen Ok let's get to the truth of the matter, everyone wants to be healthier but no one wants to do any work to get there.  Here is something that you can do, today, and you'll start getting health benefits instantly - little effort for a big return, sounds like that is something that most of you can get behind!  Here are a few tips that you can implement TODAY to start your journey … [Read more...]

Awe Inspiring Vacation – Machu Picchu, Peruvians, and Paleo

My last posts on vacation have been focused on how it's possible to maintain being Paleo on vacation.  This post is not going to focus on that.  I recently spent 10+ days in Peru, with my husband and best friends, on a 4 day trek to Machu Picchu and it was an AMAZING adventure.  This was an incredible experience, that tested my endurance and physical fitness as well as my patience and willingness to be "comfortable with being uncomfortable."  I was tested through hiking at altitude, not … [Read more...]

Paleo Version of Lasagna

We recently had a party were a friend brought over a Paleo lasagna made with butternut squash instead of noodles and it was delicious as well as a big hit at the party.  I decided to recreate it last week for dinner and added my own twist.  Following Dr. Terry Whals's example of getting 9 cups of vegetables a day, I added some additional veggies to this already veggie friendly grain and gluten free version of lasagna.  This is an easy meal to throw together, you just need some time in the … [Read more...]

Can your diet cure disease?

Do you think that food is powerful enough to heal or cure disease?  Dr Terry Wahls cured herself from secondary progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), where she had reached a point of degeneration to the point that she was only able to walk short distances with 2 canes and had to be in a reclined, zero gravity chair for the majority of the day.  Watch her full video (it's under 18 minutes) on Tedx now, she has a compelling … [Read more...]