Don’t stink, check out these natural deodorant options that actually work.

This article has been floating around my Facebook feed for sometime, and I was reluctant to open it - mostly because it has a picture of Old Spice deodorant on the front and I knew that I wasn't going to agree with the recommendations inside the article.  In my quest to convert to healthier, safer products finding a deodorant with acceptable ingredients was easier than I's finding one that actually works that is the hard part! Based on the article above, I am going to give the … [Read more...]

What’s with all the hype on sunscreen?

Yeah, it's summer - slow to come here in the Philly area but it raged in with a 90+ degree 5 day heatwave over Memorial Day so we were all quickly reminded about the importance of sunscreen after spending time outdoors!  There has been a lot of hype and articles out lately about sunscreen, so I thought I'd share some of the resources and my thoughts. I didn't give sunscreen that much of a thought until I had a baby, and had to put sunscreen on him.  The first year, he was too little, … [Read more...]

Beauty routine and Self Care products

I've had a few questions about beauty and self care products lately, and it's been awhile since I posted on that (really anything...) so I thought I'd share what I'm doing now.   I am currently ordering most of these product through Thrive Market - you can check them out and sign up here. It's been worth the membership fee for me, one it's better prices and two it's delivered to my door....which eliminates all of that hunting for good products that you have to do and becomes exponentially … [Read more...]

Water Kefir

I'm experimenting with making water kefir. I got the Cultures for Health water kefir grains through Thrive Market and finally remembered to buy sugar to get the grains ready.    I was excited to try this mild probiotic drink because it's dairy free, and generally speaking I don't do that well with dairy. I have a probiotic supplement but am always looking for fermented food options too.  First you activate the grains. You need sugar as a fuel source for the grains. They eat the … [Read more...]

Natural Care Products, Cleaning Supplies, and More

You've probably noticed the trend in my posts here on and Facebook the past year and a half or so, and how I've been trending towards cleaning up my personal care products and cleaning products.  Once I had my food cleaned up and under control, I guess it makes sense that I started to look at other areas of my life that I could improve.  Knowing how dramatic a difference changing to clean eating made for my life, energy, health, and athletic performance - if you can clean up other areas of … [Read more...]