Thrive Market – A Fantastic Resource

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I have had quite a few conversations lately about Thrive Market and what I like about it.  I am a huge fan of Thrive Market - I think that they have a great social mission (when you sign up for a membership they donate a membership to a family in need) and selfishly they have great prices and delivery to my door!  I probably order every 3 - 5 weeks or so.  Here's what I find myself frequently purchasing, and then there are lots of fun new things that pop up and free things that are included … [Read more...]

Food this week


I've got a few post planned in draft status but am still trying to figure out life and schedule now that I'm back at work. Priorities after work are seeing Miles, eating good food, working out and sleep. So blogging doesn't quite fit yet! Here's a quick post on what I've been eating this week. If you'd like to see more like this let me know! Also look me up in FB Laura Pappas Health Coaching it's easy to post photos and thoughts there so that is a bit more up to date. Ok breakfasts this week. … [Read more...]

Paleo is the new scientology?


I read this article posted by a friend on Facebook, entitled "Paleo is the scientology of diets" and while I think scientology is totally legit (insert sarcasm here) I'm not in agreement with the statements made in this article. What's frustrating is that the concept of Paleo, or the Paleo I follow and encourage others to try, is around eating real food.  Ditching the processed stuff, getting rid of the food dyes, chemicals, and foods that need to be uber refined before you can eat them, … [Read more...]

3 minute Paleo Chia Seed “Pudding”

Chia Pudding 1

Now that I have an infant, I'm looking for fast, easy, no-cook foods to eat.  I had been eating some dairy while I was pregnant, and kept eating it for couple of weeks after baby Miles arrived because it was easy.  I was having full fat greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, it was quick to eat, had decent protein, and kept me full until lunch.  Then I started having a really fussy baby, and the most common food issue is dairy, so I pulled dairy out of my diet - something I was … [Read more...]

Zucchini Pasta with a new kitchen gadget!

Zuchini Noodle machine 1

I have a lot of kitchen gadgets, and have been working through trying to cut out the ones that I rarely or never use; however, after hearing from a few friends how cool this one was I decided to try it out.  I ordered via Amazon, there are two models and decided on the Spiralizer based on the reviews and that it has a lifetime guarantee and promised to cut sweet next attempt is baked sweet potato curly fries! Eating Paleo I do miss pasta, and spaghetti squash is good as a … [Read more...]