Saturated Fat doesn’t cause heart disease

From a Paleo and real, clean food perspective the news that eating saturated fats doesn't cause heart disease (think red meat and butter) shouldn't be news to you.  However, for the rest of the world, that statement elicits a huge "huh" response? The Wall Street Journal published an article last week, The Questionable Link between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease, which is not new news but is important because of the audience that is exposed to it.  It states that it's not new news that … [Read more...]

Slim is Simple

This video popped into my email a few weeks ago as one of my Google Alerts on Paleo - yes that's one thing that this girl does to try to keep up with all things Paleo that go on on the interwebs! I clicked the link to the video, and saw it was 12 minutes long and wasn't sure I would make it though, I had a bit of skepticism before hitting play since the general feel of the American population is that everyone wants to lose weight quickly with a magic pill that requires little to no effort … [Read more...]

Should you try the Paleo diet in 2013?

That’s the question that Women’s Health is asking you this year.  If you’re one of the people that helped make “Paleo Diet” the most searched for diet in January 2013 then I’ve got some thoughts for you. photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc 2013 marks the start of my fifth year in Paleo-land, and over the past 4 years there has been much more and better information out there, I’ve learned more, evolved my diet and done a lot of self experimentation.  One thing that has … [Read more...]

Fat won’t make you Fat

Entering the new year and trying out a Paleo lifestyle one of the biggest pieces that you need to abolish from your thoughts is that eating fat will make you fat.  Mark Sission calls these myths that we believe to be true, conventional wisdom, so throw that conventional wisdom out the door, eating fat doesn't make you fat - but rather provides you fuel! It's true that when you switch over to a Paleo diet that for most, it's going to be a diet that is higher in fat than the Standard … [Read more...]

It’s Not Your Fault

Its time for us to realize that sugar and highly refined carbohydrate rich foods are not the harmless things that we think they are, they are, to our bodies a highly addictive drug. Why do you think we live in a nation that is constantly dieting?  Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off when you’re eating the “standard American diet” and shopping for foods in the middle of the grocery store?  Gary Taubes has been telling us for years now about the highly addictive nature of … [Read more...]