Sports at any age

After watching the Olympics in Sochi, I started realizing how young most of the Olympic athletes are in the winter Olympics.  It was amazing to see the 15 year old figure skaters performing at an elite athletic level, and kind of sad to know that in another few years they will have peaked and will no longer be competitive in their sport.  More endurance related sports cater to experience and for example in sports like triathlon, you peak at a later age, 30 -40 rather than your early … [Read more...]

Meet Scott, Founder of Zukay, and Learn the Secrets of Beet Juice!

A few weeks ago I discovered Zukay at an endurance fair.  I bought a bottle of beet ginger juice to try out and was pleased with how it tasted.  Then I ran into Scott, founder of Zukay, at Paleo Fx and decided that it would be a great idea to share his story and his knowledge with you.  I used Scott's recommendation of a pre-workout glass of beet juice this morning before the Valley Forge 5-Mile run and I got my best time ever, beating last year's time by almost a full minute and squeaking in … [Read more...]

Breakfast is Back! Easy Egg Recipe

Eating breakfast is something that I have a love / hate relationship with. I like breakfast foods but don't like having to wake up earlier in order to cook and eat breakfast - I'd rather sleep an extra twenty minutes and fast until noon or throw some grass-fed butter and coconut oil into the blender along with my coffee to start my day. So this week I brought breakfast back in my house, and decided to go back to making the weekly baked egg casserole that I used to make when I was eating … [Read more...]

7 Take-Aways from Paleo Fx 2013

This past weekend from March 28 - 30th I attended the 2nd annual Paleo Fx - Ancestral Movement - Theory to Practice in Austin Texas.  It was a total of 2.5 days, with 21 hours surrounded by Paleo people and emerged in the adventures of Paleo-land.  48 possible sessions (not including cooking demos or workout options) of which I was able to attend 19, and met a whole lot of like-minded people.  Here is what my days looked like: Day 1: Nora Gedgaudes; Dr. Cate Shanahan; Dr. Terry Wahls; … [Read more...]

Get Outside! How do you move your exercise outdoors?

Well we are finally here, the first day of spring! Sometimes we need a little reminder to get out of the gym and into nature.  Changing up your workout routine for a run outside instead of on the treadmill can have lots of great benefits, especially if you can hit the trails and soak in all the beauty of nature that's around you!  Yes your pace may suffer a bit, but you'll also be developing stronger ankles and keeping your mind sharp as you scan for tree branches, roots, rocks, and how … [Read more...]