3 minute Paleo Chia Seed “Pudding”

Now that I have an infant, I'm looking for fast, easy, no-cook foods to eat.  I had been eating some dairy while I was pregnant, and kept eating it for couple of weeks after baby Miles arrived because it was easy.  I was having full fat greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, it was quick to eat, had decent protein, and kept me full until lunch.  Then I started having a really fussy baby, and the most common food issue is dairy, so I pulled dairy out of my diet - something I was … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

As a treat I decided to make these Pumpkin Sugar Cookies that I saw on Delighted Momma's website - I started following her after a co-worker shared another one of her recipes with me, it was quick, easy, and Paleo so I figured that I'd give this one a try too.  Now I know that somehow December sneaked up on me, so the pumpkin craze is probably overdone - but if you're still crazy about pumpkin these would be a great thing to try.  I made a double batch, and think that they may be better one … [Read more...]

3 Minute Paleo Brownie – Instant Dessert for One

You know that slippery slope of Paleo treats and  baked goods, where you make something as a treat and limit your portion to something reasonable (a few cookies, a slice of cake, etc) but the problem with these recipes is that you make a large amount and if you don't have someone to share with, then guess who ends up eating the rest of the 3 dozen cookies, banana bread, coconut cake with chocolate frosting, tray of chocolate covered almond butter bites..... It was my mom's idea to experiment … [Read more...]

Sun-butter Drops Recipe – A fun Paleo Treat, Snack, or Breakfast

When I first "went Paleo" one of my favorite Paleo compliant and easy to make treats were what we called Fudge Babies.  I tried another version of these that is nut free, using sunflower seeds and sunflower butter based on a snack made by Greener Partners.  These are grain, legume, and dairy free and two of the variations are also nut free!  If you're making for someone that has a nut allergy, just make sure to make theirs first and keep them separate! These could be an alternative to … [Read more...]

Delicious Birthday Paleo Treat – Coconut Cupcakes with Chcolate Frosting

This weekend I wanted to make something special for my sister-in-law's birthday.  She did the Freedom from Sugar Challenge with me over the month of July and has been continuing to stick to the sugar challenge principles and has been seeing great success.  So with a birthday coming up, this is a time that is usually really difficult and can often derail people who were making great progress.  So I thought I'd surprise her with some Paleo-friendly treats and decided to make cupcakes.  Now … [Read more...]