3 minute Paleo Chia Seed “Pudding”

Now that I have an infant, I'm looking for fast, easy, no-cook foods to eat.  I had been eating some dairy while I was pregnant, and kept eating it for couple of weeks after baby Miles arrived because it was easy.  I was having full fat greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, it was quick to eat, had decent protein, and kept me full until lunch.  Then I started having a really fussy baby, and the most common food issue is dairy, so I pulled dairy out of my diet - something I was … [Read more...]

Should New York Ban Big Sodas?

You may have remember hearing rumblings of a soda ban in NYC, last Thursday (Sept 13 2012) the "New York City Board of Health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters, the first restriction of its kind in the country."  For more details on the announcement, you can read the NY Times write-up Health Panel Approves Restriction on Sale of Large Sugary Drinks. So what does this mean for soda drinkers in New … [Read more...]

Eat Real Food – Tips to Avoid GMOs

If you haven't checked it out yet, Sean Croxton is doing a "Real Food" Summit which includes a series of presentations made available to anyone that signs up (for free!) over the next few days.  It kicked off on Sunday July 8th and runs through Monday July 16th - I missed the presentations on Sunday but am trying to catch them each day.  Each presentation is available for 24 hours from the date/time its posted.  I believe he'll make the materials available after the summit is complete for a … [Read more...]

Wheying your options

Wheying your options...what should you consider when choosing a whey protein powder, once you've decided that you want to try taking it for muscle building and recovery. Many athletes or anyone that is doing large amounts of exercise use some sort of whey protein to help fuel or recover from their workouts.  When you see products that have "20g of protein" in them, whey or soy protein is often the type of protein that you see in protein shakes and in the "energy" bars that contain … [Read more...]

Can food cure acne?

Can what you eat cure your acne? It's an interesting question. One thing many people find when they switch to a Paleo diet is that their skin clarity gets better, if you have adult acne it usually clears up with the elimination of excess omega 6s and other inflammatory foods like grains, legumes, and specifically diary from your food. I noticed a big improvement in my skin clarity when I went full Paleo and cut the dairy - as a girl that has been on anti-acne medication pretty much since I was … [Read more...]