Homemade Paleo Chocolate

I'm doing the Relentless Transformation 5.0 with Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness and about 50 others and am using it to clean up some things that have sneaked into my diet. That aren't terrible but aren't really great either (hey, I'm human!). One of those things is chocolate, if I stuck to eating the 85% that I have at home that would be no big deal but I've been eating a lot if chocolate chips (not that great) mixed with salted pistachios they are my go to snack of choice. Last week … [Read more...]

Paleo is the new scientology?

I read this article posted by a friend on Facebook, entitled "Paleo is the scientology of diets" and while I think scientology is totally legit (insert sarcasm here) I'm not in agreement with the statements made in this article. What's frustrating is that the concept of Paleo, or the Paleo I follow and encourage others to try, is around eating real food.  Ditching the processed stuff, getting rid of the food dyes, chemicals, and foods that need to be uber refined before you can eat them, … [Read more...]

My 2014 Crossfit Open Recap – 8 months pregnant

This year I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to do the Crossfit Open.  The Open workouts give you the opportunity to compare yourself to the rest of the world, qualify to go to regionals if you're at that level, or help your gym qualify a team.  I've been able to qualify to go to Regionals with my gym's affiliate team two times in the past 4 years, which has been an amazing experience.  This year I was not expecting to be competitive, as the first workout was starting when I would be 30 … [Read more...]

How to move and sleep more with the help of a Fitbit

Some of you guys are already on that quantified self bandwagon.  You know the people that are always tinkering with their diet, exercise, sleep, light exposure, supplements, you name it.  On any given day they are conducting some new, often weird, experiment on themselves.  This is all fine and well, as long as you have a way to measure and determine that what you're doing is making an actual impact on  you! Enter the Fitbit, I had a Fitbit a year or so ago and after using it for about 4 or … [Read more...]

Sports at any age

After watching the Olympics in Sochi, I started realizing how young most of the Olympic athletes are in the winter Olympics.  It was amazing to see the 15 year old figure skaters performing at an elite athletic level, and kind of sad to know that in another few years they will have peaked and will no longer be competitive in their sport.  More endurance related sports cater to experience and for example in sports like triathlon, you peak at a later age, 30 -40 rather than your early … [Read more...]