Vegetable cookies?

If you have a picky eater (ehm, toddler) in your life, chances are he or she may go through phases of not wanting to eat vegetables.  They mostly will be open to eating cookies, so as a creative mom I put together a "paleo" real food version of a cookie with some veggies snuck in there.  These are great as a breakfast too, based with almond meal they are full of protein and good fats and have just a little bit of REAL maple syrup to add some sweetness.  We don't eat a lot of sweet in our … [Read more...]

Food this week

I've got a few post planned in draft status but am still trying to figure out life and schedule now that I'm back at work. Priorities after work are seeing Miles, eating good food, working out and sleep. So blogging doesn't quite fit yet! Here's a quick post on what I've been eating this week. If you'd like to see more like this let me know! Also look me up in FB Laura Pappas Health Coaching it's easy to post photos and thoughts there so that is a bit more up to date. Ok breakfasts this week. … [Read more...]

Homemade Almond Milk

Do you buy almond milk from the store?  My husband loves to make smoothies with almond milk but we don't really use it for much else. I decided that rather than spend the $4 on it and get a product that I'm not thrilled about because of the additional additives and emulsifiers that they add to keep the product fresh. I have read that it's easy to make your own, but just have never done it.  So I was inspired to try it.  It is SUPER easy and now something that I do weekly.  My recipe makes … [Read more...]

3 minute Paleo Chia Seed “Pudding”

Now that I have an infant, I'm looking for fast, easy, no-cook foods to eat.  I had been eating some dairy while I was pregnant, and kept eating it for couple of weeks after baby Miles arrived because it was easy.  I was having full fat greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, it was quick to eat, had decent protein, and kept me full until lunch.  Then I started having a really fussy baby, and the most common food issue is dairy, so I pulled dairy out of my diet - something I was … [Read more...]

Paleo Plantain Pancakes – Grain and Nut Free

Last weekend I wanted pancakes, the problem with Paleo pancakes is that they take FOREVER to cook and they tend to be a pain to make.  I mean seriously, you think you can make them and eat in less than an hour but that never happens.  Most recipes that have flavor are made with almond flour, which is fine except after the holidays I've been trying to lay off the Paleo Sweets - and a baked good made of almond flour that you top with (real) maple syrup...maybe I should just eat a Paleo cookie … [Read more...]