Should New York Ban Big Sodas?

You may have remember hearing rumblings of a soda ban in NYC, last Thursday (Sept 13 2012) the "New York City Board of Health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters, the first restriction of its kind in the country."  For more details on the announcement, you can read the NY Times write-up Health Panel Approves Restriction on Sale of Large Sugary Drinks. So what does this mean for soda drinkers in New … [Read more...]

5 Things to Toss from your Kitchen to get healthier this instant!

If your kitchen is filled with healthy foods, you will eat healthy foods! 5 Things to Toss from your Kitchen Ok let's get to the truth of the matter, everyone wants to be healthier but no one wants to do any work to get there.  Here is something that you can do, today, and you'll start getting health benefits instantly - little effort for a big return, sounds like that is something that most of you can get behind!  Here are a few tips that you can implement TODAY to start your journey … [Read more...]

Post Holiday Sugar Detox Challenge – Start 2012 Off Right!

After a hectic holiday season full of treats and LOTS of food are you ready to start 2012 with a clean slate?  Do you need a little help doing so?  Join me for a 3 week post holiday sugar detox challenge from January 7th through January 28th where you'll be given details on how to detox your diet, recipe ideas, and discounted email and phone coaching support through your experience.  Continue the season's holiday gift giving by giving back to yourself to help you start the year off on the … [Read more...]

You’ve Got Questions….I’ve Got Answers

Thank you all for the questions that you submitted, here is the first round of answers - please feel free to continue to post more and I'll pull them through into a future post.Laura - Hey, I've got a question for ya! I have been doing a 21 day challenge of strict paleo and while it's been going really well, I have found that I am craving gum. I can't seem to shake this and have been giving in to it. I am chewing like 6 to 8 pieces of gum a day. I am assuming it's because I am craving sugar? … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Principle #4 – Kick the Sugar

Sugar is everywhere in the Standard American Diet, pretty much anything that comes in a package has sugar added to it somewhere.  Do you check nutrition labels before you buy things, I advise you start doing it immediately if you don't.  You'd be surprised where sugar is hidden - in your favorite jar of tomato sauce, most salad dressings and marinades, that quick go-to meal from Trader Joe's that you just have to saute... the list goes on and on, and the sugar isn't only in things that … [Read more...]