Paleo is the new scientology?

I read this article posted by a friend on Facebook, entitled "Paleo is the scientology of diets" and while I think scientology is totally legit (insert sarcasm here) I'm not in agreement with the statements made in this article. What's frustrating is that the concept of Paleo, or the Paleo I follow and encourage others to try, is around eating real food.  Ditching the processed stuff, getting rid of the food dyes, chemicals, and foods that need to be uber refined before you can eat them, … [Read more...]

Forest Bathing – Why You Should Try It

Do you want to lower your cortisol, lower your blood pressure, and lower your heart rate all in a matter of hours?  Must be some new miracle pill,right?  Nope, just a walk outside where you immerse yourself in nature.  It's a concept called "forest bathing" which sounds a little out there, but the principal is that we feel better when we spend time outdoors, in nature and our bodies respond favorably not just while we're in nature, but for the longer term. Have you ever thought about using … [Read more...]

The 2 Million Year Old Fad Diet

Paleo is not a fad!  I think that as Paleo has been hitting the mainstream there are many different interpretations of what is Paleo.  I still describe myself as Paleo, sticking primarily to eating meats and seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  I eat "real food" food that doesn't come all fancied up in a package, food that I have to prepare and make into something before I eat it rather than food that is prepackaged and ready to go for your convenience. While it's great … [Read more...]

Standing Desk Update

The past year or so I've been trying out all sorts of things to get me up and moving at work, instead of just sitting in a chair all day.  I've written up a few of my strategies, my Portable Standing Desk and Take a Break Reminder - Work Rave along with some of the reasons why you should reconsider sitting all day Sitting is the New Smoking and You may want to stand up for this.  I'm still working through what works for me at home, at work, based on my energy level, etc. I submitted … [Read more...]

7 Take-Aways from Paleo Fx 2013

This past weekend from March 28 - 30th I attended the 2nd annual Paleo Fx - Ancestral Movement - Theory to Practice in Austin Texas.  It was a total of 2.5 days, with 21 hours surrounded by Paleo people and emerged in the adventures of Paleo-land.  48 possible sessions (not including cooking demos or workout options) of which I was able to attend 19, and met a whole lot of like-minded people.  Here is what my days looked like: Day 1: Nora Gedgaudes; Dr. Cate Shanahan; Dr. Terry Wahls; … [Read more...]