Do you have formaldehyde in your face lotion?

Living in the United States, a developed country, you would never think that that you would have to watch out for buying unsafe products in the store. Unfortunately the personal care industry the personal care products industry is not well regulated, there's only one law that was passed in 1938 where a total of 11 ingredients are banned by the FDA from being used and products - compared to the 1,400 by the EU you'll realize how paltry our regulations are. Since then there have been over … [Read more...]

Getting ready for cold weather

There are a few things that I start to change up once the leaves start to change color and the weather starts to cool down (is this ever happening this Fall here outside of Philly?!). First my cooking routine changes, and I go back to making a pot of soup or chili almost every week.  I love having soup as my go-to lunch, so I have fewer leftover dinner lunches and many soup and salad lunches.  When I make soup, I mean starting with bones, making my own broth, and then adding in veggies … [Read more...]

Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion

I'm not 100% sure what's up with my skin but it's been really dry since Christmas, I'm not sure if it's the change to really cold weather here in the Philly area, my lack of regular moisturizing routine, or my skin preferring the weather in Florida to home (I went to Florida over the holidays) but what I know for sure is my skin is really dry, almost scaly - gross! I've made the switch to much  more natural personal care products, I guess this is a natural next step now that I'm secure … [Read more...]

Natural Skin Care – Natropathic Help and the Oil Cleansing Method

One of the great things that I found when I "went" Paleo was a huge improvement in my skin.  I've been dealing with acne for almost as long as I can remember, in 6th grade I remember selecting the "touch up" option on my school photo for picture day so that I didn't need to worry about having a pimple showing in my yearbook photo.  Since 6th grade I've been using things like birth control pills, Retin-A, other topical prescriptions, skincare antibiotics like tetracycline, and 3 courses of … [Read more...]

New Years Resolutions, Goal Setting, and Going Against the Grain

Whew we made it through the majority of the holiday season and now can start to think about what the new year, 2013 will bring.  For me starting a new year is always a great time to reflect on what I've accomplished over the past year, set goals, or take a moment to reflect and see what I want to try to change, improve, start, or even stop doing in the upcoming year.  While January 1st is essentially an arbitrary day and we can do this at any point in time, it seems like a good place to … [Read more...]