What kind of container is that?!

So I’m one of the fringe crazies that is trying to get rid of plastic in my life. As a mom of a toddler that’s pretty hard to do. I’ve started with food and drink vessels – we use the Kiki Pura cups and glass or regular plates and bowls at home. But when packing for school that is a different animal…since they won’t accept glass I had to branch out and try some other things.

I’ll share with you the run down of what I’ve tried, the pros and cons of each and where I found it! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in with me.

Modern Twist Silicone plate and bowl set* (also has a cup that I didn’t take a picture of)

*note I bought this on Thrive Market over a year ago and it’s no longer available, link is to Amazon bowl

Pros: cannot break, really sturdy and durable, you can heat it, super cute, dishwasher safe

Cons: no divider in the bowl, when you use the plate you can’t see the giraffe (yes this does matter…)

I wish I had another one of these sets. I really like it and it’s perfect size for a toddler. Better for home than “school” since there is no divider everything mushed together. If your kid likes that you’re golden but most kids I know like things separate.

Smart Planet Eco Meal Kit

Pros: Can heat with no plastic, collapsable so compresses to flat once food is gone, separate compartments, Can fit adult size servings or smaller, can use half collapsed or fully expanded

Cons: Quite large for a toddler who is only eating 5 bites of chicken

I think this is a great lunch option for adults, and they make a few different sizes/versions.  It’s a bit big for my son, when I’m packing a couple bites of chicken, some peas, and apple sauce but keep everything separated nicely and can be heated without worry about plastic.  It’s a little flimsy since it’s collapsable but haven’t had any trouble with leaking or anything like that.


Thinkbaby Complete Feeding Set

This set came with two bowls, a cup, and a square container and lids.  It’s really high quality, and there is no plastic touching your food, just the outer wrapper making it orange (or pink, or blue, o whatever color you choose).  The sizes are good, my toddler loves the cup with a handle.

Pros: Only stainless so safe for all food, really high quality and well made, good variety of sizes

Cons: Can’t head it 🙁

Kiki Pura Cups

This is a great bottle or cup that grows with your little one.  We have 4 for one kiddo, 2 regular and 2 vacuum sealed to keep cold things cold….we never put warm in here.  If I were to do bottles from nothing, I would use these as my bottles, and get 6 and then transition the tops as the baby is ready to sippy, straw, and sport cap.  I did glass bottles and then found these when I needed a kid proof cup – the glass ones with a silicone wrap are too easy for littles to break.  Ok for use at the table only, but not on the go.  These cups have been virtually indestructible!

Pros: Stainless steel, dishwasher friendly (non vacuum seal at least), comes with a variety of food grade silicone tops – sippy/straw/bottle/sport cap

Cons: A little pricy, with lots of dropping can be dented and won’t stand up well anymore (this happened to our first one of 4)

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.37.10 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.37.22 PM




Greensprouts Snack Cups

These are a great size for babies and toddlers, have a lid that is a screw on so it’s a little difficult for littles to take off on their own (which can be a good thing) and so far haven’t leaked unless I overfilled with applesauce.  They are made from renewable, plant-based material is made with cornstarch using food safe dyes.

Pros: Not plastic, stackable and low profile, dishwasher safe, small size, plant based and food safe dyes

Cons: Can’t be microwaved, can’t see the contents unless you open the lid

Green sprouts cups 2 Green sprouts cups


I hope you enjoy these non-traditional plastic options.  A few other “safety” notes for anything that still has a plastic lid (glass too!) make sure your food is cooled before you put the lid on.  Also, don’t microwave the lid!!!!

If you decide to sign up for Thrive Market, please use my referral link and you’ll get 15% off your first order: http://thrv.me/LauraPappasHealth

I hope that this helps you decide what products may be right for you to switch to healthier, safer, food containers – for you and your littles!


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