Getting ready for cold weather

There are a few things that I start to change up once the leaves start to change color and the weather starts to cool down (is this ever happening this Fall here outside of Philly?!).


First my cooking routine changes, and I go back to making a pot of soup or chili almost every week.  I love having soup as my go-to lunch, so I have fewer leftover dinner lunches and many soup and salad lunches.  When I make soup, I mean starting with bones, making my own broth, and then adding in veggies and such.  I have two go-tos, the traditional chicken soup and then a fiesta chicken soup.

Making soup is so much easier than most people realize. And the health benefits that you can get from regularly consuming homemade bone broth are amazing. It’s definitely something that I should be doing all year long, however when it’s 90° out I just don’t feel like eating soup!  Check out my recipe for how to make your own homemade bone broth here, or it’s really as simple as throwing a whole bunch of stuff in a pot with water and letting it simmer over time or in a crockpot. When I make chicken soup and don’t have additional  soup bones I literally just throw the entire chicken into a large pot of water and let that come to a boil, then turn it down and let it simmer for about 2 to 3 hours. I add the veggies (onions, carrots, celery and sometimes leafy greens like spinach, kale, bok choy)and then viola you got your chicken soup. I pull out the chicken and take all the meat off and put it back in. I don’t add noodles but you could if you eat them, or you could try something like cauliflower rice regular rice, or even adding some zucchini noodles in there.

Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen Full Recipe Name: Simple Chicken Soup Talent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Food Networks Kitchen’s Simple Chicken Soup, as seen on Project:, FN Essentials/Weeknights/Fall/Holidays Show Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network

The second thing I change is my skin care, The winter brings much drier weather which means I need a better moisturizer for my face. One thing that I have added to my regime is a face oil. I know face or oil sound scary especially for anyone that has had acne prone skin in the past. However what you have to remember is that quality of what you are using matters. The Beautycounter face Oils are amazing, they are made from pier plant oils and the blend is really soft smooth and silky. There are three different kinds balancing, soothing, and hydrating. Each face oil has the same pure plant-based oil base and then has some additional oils added in order to achieve the soothing bouncing are hydrating effects. Not only are these great moisturizers on their own but they are eight the perfect thing to add to your routine to boost your current moisturizer. What better way to add something to your skin care routine that you can use both on its own and in addition to what you were already using. On its own you can use 2 to 3 drops of the oil’s as an independent waste riser. Or you can add one Drop to your court current moisturizer to increase the impact and help fight that bitter cold dry winter air.


So how do you know which face while you should try? With Beautycounter you really can’t go wrong all three are amazing. The balancing oil has a mixture of you ylang ylang and wild chamomile which is perfect for bouncing combination skin. It has a really nice white floral scent too and I promise it’s not greasy at all!

The hydrating oil has Jasmine added to it. I think this one smells the best, it’s a really delicious floral scent, and the addition of Jasmine allows this oil to be especially hydrating so it’s great to add to your regime in winter, it also helps improve elasticity and is great for mature skin.

The soothing oil has calendula added to it. This is something that will help calm irritated skin hence the name of soothing. Calendula is actually a derivative of marigold extract and it’s something that I’ve been finding in many baby products that I use on my boys. This oil also has a nice light herbal floral sent and is easily absorbed and a great addition to your skin care routine on its own or in addition to the current moisturizer you are using.

I’ve been using a face oil now for a couple of years and actually became sold on Beautycounter Products after trying their face oil. I also love that the brand is all about getting clean safe products into the hands of everyone and increasing the regulation on all personal care products. If you’re still skeptical about using a face oil don’t take my word for it, check out this short video by Christie Coleman Beautycounter’s make up artist who talks about the ingredients that are in the Beautycounter facial oils how they work and why they are beneficial. I promise that if you try this you will fall in love with them just like I have!

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