Water Kefir

I’m experimenting with making water kefir. I got the Cultures for Health water kefir grains through Thrive Market and finally remembered to buy sugar to get the grains ready. 

I was excited to try this mild probiotic drink because it’s dairy free, and generally speaking I don’t do that well with dairy. I have a probiotic supplement but am always looking for fermented food options too. 

First you activate the grains. You need sugar as a fuel source for the grains. They eat the sugar in the water and create the probiotic drink as the by product. After you activate the grains (soak them in sugar water) you discard the liquid and then start over again. Basically once you get started you’ll be constantly making more…I did check out all the resources on the Cultures for health site, but not until after I got it started. 


If I were to do it again, I would have read more first and gotten raw/turbinado sugar to start which is supposed to make less sweet kefir. To me the regal cane sugar made a pretty sweet beverage. Will be a great smoothie base though!


I flavored my second batch (on right) with 1/4 cup lemon juice to make “lemonade”. The batch on the left is in progress. We will see how I do with all this and hope I can keep the grains going!

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